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Tiers at Disney Animal Kingdom? A Capacity Analysis.

Based on the chart below, it looks like Disney Animal Kingdom after Pandora opens will still have less High Quality Ride Capacity than Hollywood Studios.  If Animal Kingdom sees a spike in their attendance and there will be a high demand for the new rides (Avatar: Flight of Passage & Na’vi River River Journey), then it seems that tiers are inevitable.

Magic Kingdom (No Tiers)

Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios (Tiers)

Disney Animal Kingdom – After Pandora Opens (Tiers?)

Magic Kingdom Epcot Hollywood Studios Disney Animal Kingdom
Average Attendance 60000 40000 35000 35000
High Attendance 90000 60000 55000 60000
Total FP+ Capacity 249165 108017 112728 105475
High Quality FP+ Capacity 149500 44513 65922 62860
Average Quality FP+ Capacity 99665 63504 46806 42615
% of Quality FP+ Capacity 0.60 0.41 0.58 0.60
# FP+ per Average Attendance 4.15 2.70 3.22 3.01
# FP+ per High Attendance 2.77 1.80 2.05 1.76
# High Quality FP+ per High Attendance 1.66 0.74 1.20 1.05

Bavaria the First Disneyland?

It looks like King Ludwig II of Bavaria created the Disney experience before Walt stumbled on to it.  Ludwig created a Fantasyland based on the works of Richard Wagner in the Alps of Bavaria.  The Neuschwanstein castle was completely designed to bring the operas come alive.  One of the rooms of the castle was a replica of a cave including Stalactites.  He wanted an entire floor designed in the Moorish tradition.  At the Linderhof Palace he recreated the Blue Grotto and built a moat that included Swan Boats from the Swan King story.  He loved the concept of World Fairs and purchased some of the items from fairs that he attended.

For his work in bringing fantasy to life, a group of his government had him declared insane and then promptly had him drowned in a lake along with his doctor.

Walt Disney clearly borrowed a lot of his ideas and took the concept much further.  Disney also had a much better fate.

Also, the medieval city of Rothenberg is clearly the model for the Germany Pavilion in Epoct.  This little Bavarian tourist town has all the elements of the Epcot version.










St. George and the Dragon


Christmas Store




Beer Hall and Hotel outside of Rothenberg

Disney Buy Chicago?

I was hoping to avoid the My Magic +, but ran into this at the Art Institute of Chicago. 😄


Random Photos from WDW


From animals to crowds. Wonderful sights to delicious food.

One Man’s Dream

Toy Story Midway Mania



Coral Reef Restaurant

9:00 am on a Saturday non Halloween party night.

Sad when the train isn’t running
Fastpass return line at Star Tours!

Guest services always looks like this. Why?

Saturday Food and Wine Epcot. Just don’t do it.  That is ticket windows.

I don’t like eating on trash cans.

This area cost $199.00 to enjoy.

Wishes from Gaston’s Tavern

Link Back to Disboards

Monorail lounge tour

Enjoyed my first trip to the highly themed Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. The servers and hosts are entertaining. I had my first shrunken zombie head and we tried the Tahitian Pearl, dark and tropical stormy, and a hippopotamitai. 

Mizners and Citroco’s were too crowded. Enjoyed appetizers and drinks in the Wave Lounge and the watched fireworks from the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Towers.  


Siemens VIP Guest Center. 

Siemens sponsors the best evening show – Illuminations. They have an interesting headquarters tucked away inside Spaceship Earth.  

The secret door 

Choose the floor color that you like. 

VIP ride admittance from the Guest Center. 

Epcot Food & Wine 2015

Beautiful views, tasty food, and fun seminars. The mixology sessions are the best.    


FP+ return lines…crazy

This blows my mind.  That is the fast pass return line. It fills the queue, winds out the door, down the sidewalk, out of Pixar Place.  They need to reconfigure all the queues to accommodate the new system.  Maybe they should flip flop, there weren’t as many people in the standby line. It took about 25 minutes to get through the Fast Pass line.  Not really fast.   

Thank you note from Disney 

What a nice surprise.   I don’t know if this was sent because we are Disney Vacation Owners, stayed on site, bought annual passes, or spent thousands of dollars?   Probably a little of all those things. Regardless, the card is nice. 



 Created by Don ‘Ducky’ Williams. 

Rivers of Light Night Time Show – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

With the coming of the night-time show at Disney Animal Kingdom, I wonder how that will affect the dynamics of touring at the Animal Kingdom. This park really doesn’t need Fastpasses and the place clears out at 4:00 pm. Obviously, Disney is working on keeping people in this park longer.

The night time show should help Disney meet their objective. The World of Color is wildly popular at Disney California Adventure. The question will be how Disney decides to distribute the tickets.

1. Through the FP+ online system: People could book them and not show up too late in the evening. But would still cause people to use FP in Animal Kingdom instead of other parks.
2. First come first serve like Disneyland. Then people have to go to the park early and stay until the show.
3. I guess they could book them like Dining Reservations.

Speaking of Dining reservations, I wonder what the pricing structure will be for the Dining/Rivers of Light dining packages will be? Yak and Yeti is about to become a popular restaurant. I would bet that is why they are adding a table service to the Pizzafari too. Pandora will have a restaurant also.

With a new restaurant at Magic Kingdom, will they start offering Dining and Wishes packages?

Panorama of the construction

Panorama of the construction

Standing only or seats?

Standing only or seats?

Views of the Lake - future of Rivers of Light

Views of the Lake – future of Rivers of Light

Rivers of Light going to be like Illuminations or World of Color?

Rivers of Light going to be like Illuminations or World of Color?

Magic Kingdom Castle Grounds

Magic Kingdom Castle Grounds